Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10:14 PM

New Painting titled "Pink Super Earth (Xianthen-18)"

Hey everyone,

I was motivated today to paint something different from my usual work.

I love astronomy and I think that the universe is the ultimate artist - it is an incredible source of inspiration to me. I am so fascinated with the cosmos and all the possibilities of finding other earth-like worlds - even in our own Milkyway galaxy.

I decided to create my own planet, which I've made to look somewhat similar to our world but incapable of supporting life from earth. This planet would be 3-times the mass of Earth and is surrounded by rings of diamond-rich asteroids. The 4 moons create enormous tides in its seas of liquid argon. The argon atmosphere ignites with light caused by surges of radiation of a nearby pulsar. If this planet could support any form of life, they'd likely be very flat and luminescent from the electrified atmosphere.

I'm planning on painting a landscape based off of this planet soon!

About a few hours of work done in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking and for your visit! :)



Victorior said...

Beautiful work, love the color, Tanya, Cheers!

Tanya Wheeler said...

Thanks a lot my friend, I'm glad you like it! :)

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