Monday, May 23, 2011

7:25 PM

New artbook cover art work-in-progress

Hey everyone!

Here is a small work-in-progress preview section of the new cover art for my upcoming art book which I hope to finish soon. As I've mentioned before (in my previous posts) the art book will include many new paintings (which will not be featured on my website, blog or other online galleries) as well as short stories and painting walk-throughs explaining a bit about my work-flow and painting process. This painting should be finished soon (as well as the art book) but there is still quit a lot of work I want to do on it and a lot more detail that I want to add. I love painting small details! :D

Hope you all like it so far and thanks for your visit!


Faebyl said...

oh wow! that looks awesome so far:)

Tanya Wheeler said...

Thank you so much, I'm glad you think so and thanks for taking a look! :)

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