Sunday, November 23, 2014

9:29 AM

Effie Trinket Mockingjay inspired look/portrait for a time-lapse video.

Here is a quick inspired painting I created (for a time-lapse painting video) of Effie Trinket with a custom Mockingjay look I created for her. While I always enjoyed her crazy and fabulous Capitol looks, for this painting I wanted to create a darker look to show her likely support for the uprising. The blood splatter across her face symbolizes both the uprising as well as the part she played as a propaganda tool for the Capitol in the annual Hunger Games. Since I do love her colorful looks too, however, I may consider doing another, and much lighter painting of her in the future as well. We probably won't see her looking anything like this in the film but I thought it would be interesting to create a look like this for her. 

Really enjoyed Mockinjay but wow it's going to be hard to wait for part 2 now. Definitely as great as the other two films but much darker.

I apologize for all of the zooming in and out throughout the video, I zoom in and out a lot during my workflow and editing all of this out would be a nightmare for me. 

 Anyway, hope you all enjoy it!

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