Saturday, July 31, 2010

4:50 PM

New finished image titled "Akanksha"

Hey everyone,

Finally I have finished this one, it took a while to finish since I have been also working on another painting as well.

I got inspired to paint this image after looking at many beautiful images of clothing designs from India. The patterns and jewelry took a lot of time but I enjoyed painting them. My own story for this image is that she is a young bride to be who is trapped in an arranged marriage and secretly desires another life. Her name is Akanksha which means desire.

Painted mostly in Photoshop with some extra work done in Painter.

Here is a close-up as well.

Thanks for your visit :)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

9:38 PM

New oil painting titled "Mt. Umunhum"

Hey everyone,

Today I decided to paint a bit in oils so I painted a section of hills from the view of my balcony. The focal point of this image as you can see is that strange little building on the hill in the background. I decided to paint it since I find it so fascinating, It's one of the most interesting structures on these hills. This building is an old government radar site that had been abandoned. I wish I could go check it out but it's highly contaminated and not open to the public. I recently found this youtube video about the building which is pretty interesting. Here is a link if interested:

Thanks for visiting, :)

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