Sunday, July 18, 2010

9:38 PM

New oil painting titled "Mt. Umunhum"

Hey everyone,

Today I decided to paint a bit in oils so I painted a section of hills from the view of my balcony. The focal point of this image as you can see is that strange little building on the hill in the background. I decided to paint it since I find it so fascinating, It's one of the most interesting structures on these hills. This building is an old government radar site that had been abandoned. I wish I could go check it out but it's highly contaminated and not open to the public. I recently found this youtube video about the building which is pretty interesting. Here is a link if interested:

Thanks for visiting, :)


rileygirl said...

That is so awesome, and I really love that is is an abandoned government site. It reminds me of watching x-files in the middle of the night! :-)

Valisha *Morbid Priestess* said...

your paintings are always beautiful. I like this one a lot.

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