Monday, February 22, 2010

6:38 PM

New images!! :)

Hey everyone,

I just recently finished two new images which I also posted on my website. The image on the right is titled "Exotic Butterfly" and the one on the left is titled "The Artist"

For Exotic Butterfly I wanted to paint an exotic female figure as opposed to the typical pale wafe like figures which are common in many paintings of fairies. She is not a fairy actually she is a rare butterfly that can only be seen in this secrete place. I really had a lot of fun painting all of those little budgies in the background as well as the Macaw. They are some of my favorite birds, I love them so much :)

For The Artist image I wanted to paint my own interpretation of an Artist. A being that can create their own universe. I actually want to leave this one open to different interpretation though.

Here is a close-up from Exotic Butterfly.

I hope you like these images and thanks for visiting.

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