Tuesday, April 21, 2015

6:22 PM

Moving to tumblr

Hey everyone,

After much frustration I've now decided to abandon this blog and move over to tumblr. For a while now I've been unable to switch and change some of my settings here on blogger after a lot of upgrades and changes were made and as a result this blog hasn't been indexed at all for a while now which largely defeats the purpose of having this blog as I rely a lot on the SEO for both my blog and website. Don't know if anyone else has had an error pop up after trying to change settings - I've even tried contacting google about it with no replies so tumblr is where I will be posting from now on. I plan on possibly upgrading my website soon too as I do like the design but it hasn't been getting indexed very well either.

Here is a link to my account on tumblr: http://cellesria.tumblr.com/ Would love to see you guys there and I just posted two new work-in-progress there as well!

Feel badly that I haven't posted much for a while but that will change as I now have a lot more time.

Thanks for your visit and support!

Tanya Varga

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