Saturday, February 23, 2013

1:37 AM

Another Sailor Moon fan-art work in progress (Chibiusa aka Rini)

Hey everyone, I feel badly that I haven't added any updates here for a while so I thought I'd post a preview of this little painting I just started tonight. A few people have been requesting more Sailor Moon fan-art for a while now so I thought I'd finally start a new one. I thought for this next fan-art piece that I'd paint Chibiusa, aka Rini. Pretty happy with the way it's coming along - really looking forward to detailing her hair and eyes next! Another idea I have for a future fan-art piece is possibly the wedding scene, Wicked Lady, the other scouts or Sailor Cosmos, what do you guys think? I'm painting these fan-art pieces mostly for all of you other fans out there and would like to hear your input as to what you'd like to see. :)

Currently I have so many works in progress waiting to be finished. It's not always easy choosing which ones to finish, especially when I am always getting new ideas and inspiration for other new paintings. Life and other work also gets in the way of painting but I do actually have two or so paintings that are almost finished which I hope to upload soon.

I'd also like to let you guys know that some of my artwork is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of ImagineFX! I will post another update about it soon around the time the issue comes out.

Hope you all like this little work in progress and thanks for your visit! :D


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