Saturday, August 18, 2012

11:59 PM

New work-in-progress for my art book project!

Update: This painting is now finished! You can check it out on my website Here:

I've been working on some artwork for my art book project and thought I'd post this work-in-progress. I'm currently working on a story for this image as well which is also for the book.

For this work I wanted to create my own unique and beautiful humanoid sea creature. Ballet dancers are a huge inspiration for this work as well as the story as I absolutely love Ballet and am also quite fascinated by deep sea creatures, especially jellyfish. They are so mystical, dangerous, scary and yet so beautiful and delicate the way they move through the water with there flowing silk-like forms. They almost seem to dance through the water and thus I wanted to combine the two to create this painting.

So far I'm quite happy with the way it's coming along and it's been really enjoyable for me. Still quite a lot of details to add though.

This work is titled, "Sea Dancer"

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