Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4:56 PM

New speed painting! :D

This is a quick portrait speed painting I did inspired from a Model/Artist named Allison Harvard who has a beautiful and unique look - her eyes are especially amazing. She was on the TV show "America's Next Top Model" and is also known on the internet as CreepyChan. More information about her can be found here:

She has a fascination with Hemophilia so I thought the blood was a nice touch.

I would also like to note that this portrait is merely inspired by Allison and was not meant to portray a perfect likeness of her. Her beautiful and unique features/personality only inspired me to create this portrait. I looked at a few images of her for reference to study her features but this image was not copied from any content.

Painted mostly in Corel Painter with some additional work done in Adobe Photoshop. Around 4 hours of work. Used Corel Painters symmetry tool for the first time to create this work. It's pretty useful for painting full frontal portraits and symmetrical designs. Stopped using it near the end though since I didn't want the image to be too symmetrical.

I apologize for all of the zooming in and out throughout the video. I zoom in and out a lot during my workflow and since I increased the speed of the video the zooming is a lot faster and more frequent. Editing this all out would be a nightmare for me so I hope you all don't mind. I may edit it out later as I find time.

Thanks for watching and enjoy! :)

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