Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2:28 AM

Quick painting for Halloween titled "Ghost"

Hey everyone, :)

Here is a quick little painting I did for Halloween (which is now a little over two weeks away) on the side of some commissions I've been working on. I wanted to paint a dark ghostly apparition that was beautiful and horrifying - much like the zombie piece I painted last year link. I Went with a very limited palette this time around - It was different for me since I usually work with very saturated color schemes ( I love color) but this was a nice change and it was interesting working with a limited/ less saturated palette for a change. I had a song from Rob Zombie (called "Living Dead Girl") stuck in my head almost the whole time while painting this.

Prints and cards are available here for those interested.

Painted in Photoshop - around 5 hours of work mostly experimenting with the design.

Thanks for taking a look and have a wonderful Halloween everyone! :)


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