Friday, March 4, 2011

2:10 AM

Lady Gaga inspired portrait

Hey everyone, :)

Up really late again and just finished this quick portrait.

I don't generally like pop music let alone pop stars that much but I like Lady Gaga because she is quite artistic and unique herself. She is known for her crazy and rather strange looks and you never know what to expect from her next. Her strangeness is what I like most about her.

I got inspired today to paint a quick portrait based on Lady Gaga while listening to some of her music - I wanted to give her a unique look of my own, don't know if she has ever worn a wig shaped like a pyramid before but I know she has worn something similar.

Here is a link to her latest video if interested.

Overall this was a lot of fun to paint. Spent about 4 hours on it so far.

Painted using Photoshop and Painter.

Thanks for visiting :)

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