Sunday, August 15, 2010

6:11 PM

New work-in-progress titled "Embrace"

Hey everyone, :)

Here is an image that I'm currently working on that I started last week. It's still very rough and needs a whole lot of work. So far though, the process is flowing for me and I am happy with the way it's coming along. I want this image to be very sexy, warm and romantic (and yes I am going for a bit of a romance novel cover style) ;).

I may make a lot of changes to it like the clothing for example. I want to look at some reference material for the type of clothing that I want to create for them.

Aside from working on this new painting I had also recently re-designed my blog yet again to resemble my Zazzle store's look a bit. I was never completely happy with my old blog design and am now pretty satisfied with it. Now, time to finish my new website! :)

Thanks for your visit! :)


Valisha said...

Oh wow that is very amazing!!! I love it! Thanks for your comment on FB btw, yes I am now alcohal and cigarette free and Im so happy with it, I can actually smell my shampoo, body sprays and lotion heheh lol. And what was really awesome is that when I went to a friend birthday party, which was a bar, they all drank, and I did not, and realized how rude, perverted and egotistical people can be drunk. Even my friends kept trying to peer pressure me to drink, and to quit being a "stuck up bitch". But I kept strong and did not drink at all, and I went home, I was so happy and relieved. Damn sorry for rambling on your blog comment section. Oh I have been doing good except for saving up for a used car because my van is about to piss on me. I have been writing a video game story line lately. And working too much lol, well I love this painting you did, and I also love the others you have done, you are an amazing artist, you always have :) Miss talking to you :) Valisha

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