Thursday, September 3, 2009

4:30 PM

Another work-in-progress (Forbidden Love)

Here is yet another work-in-progress (titled "Forbidden Love") that I thought I would post here. I had started it as an entry to an art contest but couldn't find the time to finish it by the deadline. Aside from my busy work schedule I hope to find some time in the near future to finish it. There is still quite a bit of work needed to be done on this. I want to push myself farther with this one as I try to do with every new painting.

The story behind this work is dear to my heart and relates to a big issue that the world faces today. They are a young couple who ran away together because their cultures and families won't accept them as a couple. They are both from different countries and religious backgrounds though their countries are right next to each other their families hate each other and will never let them be together.

I wanted to capture a moment with them in a state of fear and bliss savoring every last moment that they have together before or if they ever are found.


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